Brian Matthew

Brian- 18 -Not a photographer, Just a guy with a camera and some ambition to capture the world around me

A $3000 camera does not make you a ‘more legitimate’ photographer any more than an entry level rebel XS (or even a powershot for the matter) does. It’s not about how big the number of your ‘D’ is so much as what you can do with it.
- Me (Re: DSLR monetary value compared to practical value)

a cover that my friend and I did of Say Something by A Great Big World. Hope you guys enjoy it :)

((pardon my voice and the intro bits))

tidalwav-es asked:

your photography is amazing wow (plus i love your bio)

Awe! Thank you very much :)

motivia asked:


Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! I’ve got a bunch of show pics to upload, as well as some others on the way :)

ilragazzoincasinato asked:

I really like that picture, and all the BN pics you took lately :)

Haha, thank you!

nearlydean asked:


Oh my, how insulting D:

Time // Motion on Flickr.
IMG_ on Flickr.I really like this one :$
Leave the city behind on Flickr.
Thoughtful glances on Flickr.